Safety Inspection

For that peace of mind before purchasing a vehicle, The Mufflerman can provide a pre-safety inspection to protect you before you purchase a vehicle.

The Mufflerman is a licensed motor vehicle inspection station. If you are buying or selling a vehicle, The Ministry of Transportation requires a motor vehicle inspection certificate in order to transfer ownership.

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Ask The Man Safety Inspection FAQS

  • Toggle Question What is a Safety Standards Certificate?What is a Safety Standards Certificate?

    A safety standards certificate confirms that your vehicle has met the minimum safety standards on the date the certificate was issued. It doesn't guarantee the condition of the vehicle, rather it confirms that it's safe to drive. You cannot put plates on a vehicle without a safety standards certificate. 

  • Toggle Question How do you get a Safety Standards Certificate?How do you get a Safety Standards Certificate?

    To get certification, your vehicle must pass an inspection at a certified inspection station that's licensed by the Ministry of Transportation. Most inspection stations have the Motor Vehicle Inspection Station sign posted at their store or on their website. 

  • Toggle Question Why do you need a safety inspection?Why do you need a safety inspection?

    Whether you're buying a new car or rebuilding your own, all vehicles need to meet the safety standards set by the Ontario government. This ensures all cars on the road and highways are safe to be driven. 

  • Toggle Question When do you need a certificate?When do you need a certificate?

    While you can buy and register a vehicle without a certificate, you cannot put plates on it without one. You'll need an inspection and certificate if:
    - You're registering a rebuilt vehicle
    - Updating the status of a vehicle from unfit to fit
    - Registering a vehicle from another province, territory, or country
    - Transferring ownership of a used vehicle to a new owner

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