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the front wheel of a car spinning

To keep your wheels rolling make sure your bearings keep them turning.

The wheels on the bus (and your vehicle) go ‘round and ‘round because they have bearings in the hub that enable the tire and rim to rotate smoothly at any speed. Trouble is, because they rotate the wheel bearings slowly get worn over time. You’ll know it’s time to have them serviced when you start hearing loud howling noises coming from your hub bearing. And if you let the problem get worse, you might start to feel your vehicle shake a little at higher speeds.

Wheel bearing of a car being serviced in an auto repair shop

The noisy wheel gets the new hub bearing.

First, the source of your car’s noise needs to be correctly diagnosed. To do that, we’ll look for wear on your tires, brakes, tie rods and control arms to pinpoint the source of the trouble.

If it turns out it’s time to service your hub bearings, a qualified technician (like your local Mufflerman) will change out the worn components using a tool called a wheel bearing press.

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